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Dessicant Dry Cabinets

The Tongrun Dry Cabinets are used for the dehumidification process controlled at a constant temperature of components or equipment Moisture Sensitive Device - MSD in a range between 10 and 20% RH (FCD) and 1 and 10% RH (FCDE).
The main characteristic of these products is the possibility to work in the absence of molecular nitrogen (N2), even if there is an option to have the controlled introduction of nitrogen in the case of frequent openings of the cabinet.
The desiccant used in the cabins is particularly suited to the task and, in normal operating conditions, for a period of 10 years or more without the need for replacement.
The system is controlled electronically and is able to maintain an extremely low level of relative humidity of up to 1% RH .
The cabins are designed to eliminate defects resulting from moisture, such as micro-cracks, depaneling, delamination, etc ..., on
Moisture Sensitive Device - MSD.
Useble in Elettronica, Optic, Photografy and Laboratory, equipment are fully autonomous and controlled with excellent quality / price ratio and do not require molecular nitrogen (N2)!

Auto-Recycling Desiccant Dry Box - Principle of operation

The Tongrun dehumidification systems are cabinets provided with a special desiccant product ( free exchange ), which maintains the internal environment with a relative humidity range of 1-60 % RH. The desiccant used in our cabins is particularly suited to the task and , in normal operating conditions , is suitable for a period of 10 years or more without the need of replacement.
The cabins are equipped with high efficiency dehumidification unit controlled mechanically and able to achieve extremely low levels of relative humidity .
When an object that contains moisture , even if in small quantities , is positioned in a cabin of dehumidification , the humidity particles are slowly released and absorbed by the object itself from the desiccant . In practice, given that the level of relative humidity is very low , the air present inside it acts as a magnet that attracts the particles of moisture present in the object and pulls out dropping into the air outside of the cabin . This process continues until a balance is reached between particles of moisture still present in the object and the level of humidity of the cabin, until the desiccant becomes saturated. When you reach equilibrium or saturation of the desiccant, a "refresh" process is activated, closing the shutters inside the cabin , opening the external ones and removing all the moisture collected by the desiccant.

The desiccant is refreshed by heating, allowing trapped moisture to come out as steam (H2O) through vents that are on the back of the cabinet. Once you have completed the "refresh" the unit is ready to seal the vent outside and re-open inwards to continue dehumidification.
Products Range

Industrial Dry Cabinets
(available on the 4 series of product according to the required RH% level )
FCM (20 - 60 % RH) - FCD (10 - 20 % RH) - FCDE (1- 10 % RH) - FCDE+ (1- 50% RH)

Mod. 160
160 Lt
Mod. 240
240 Lt
Mod. 320
320 Lt
Mod. 435
435 Lt
Mod. 540
540 Lt
Mod. 728
728 Lt
Mod. 870
870 Lt


Auto Nitrogen (N2) Dry Cabinets
Auto Nitrogen Series
RH Range: 1-60 %

DG 160 N2
160 Lt
DG 240 N2
240 Lt
DG 320 N2
320 Lt
DG 435 N2
435 Lt
DG 540 N2
540 Lt
DG 728 N2
728 Lt
DG 870 N2
870 Lt

Camera & Lens Cabinets
Camera Series
RH Range: 20-60 %

FCM 60
60 Lt
FCM 120
120 Lt
FCM 120
120 Lt
FCM 120
120 Lt

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